This is not the real Wikileaks website. That domain name does not work so if you want to reach them then go to the IP address: If that site is down, visit one of the mirror sites.

Let me suggest to the owners of mirror sites: Make another mirror site and register it with Wikileaks. Let them upload and update that. Change the password on the current WikiLeaks mirror site. That way, even if WikiLeaks is so threatened that they upload blanks to wipe out the mirrors, they cannot wipe out your somewhat-outdated copy because they do not have the password. Somebody tell WikiLeaks to list outdated sites from which they are locked out, too, because Netizens will need to access those if WikiLeaks is ever so intimidated that they blank all their accessible mirrors.

To donate to them, USA people could buy money orders at the store and mail them to the Australia address of WikiLeaks.
Why isn’t WikiLeaks headquartered in the United States? Wasn’t this supposed to be a free country? You know, where you could donate to WikiLeaks without waiting until you’re on vacation in a foreign country to mail the donation?

Tom Alciere’s ideas on encryption:
Take close-up photos of sand. Make bitmap files of the photos. Each bitmap file is a binary number, a long, long binary number far greater than trillions and quintillions. A few of these and you add them together in binary arithmetic (not just string them together, one after another) to get a lot of very random binary digits without a lot of manual work. This can be used as a one-time pad.

Tom Alciere’s ideas on website security:
Netizens and browser developers need to think in terms of IP addresses more than just domain names. A successful attack on DNS today would cause extensive damage because not many people are ready with IP addresses to reach their desired sites.
Search engines should store the IP addresses of sites they visit. If you go to a search engine the site’s home page should redirect you to the same site, under its IP address and encourage you to bookmark that, so you will be ready on DNS crash day. When we bookmark sites, our browsers should make two bookmarks, one with the domain name and the other with the IP address.

Anyway, check out the Wikileaks bulletin board CLICK HERE

Do also check out Ron Paul Quotes and his comments about Wikileaks.

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